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At Action Spine & Joint, we are fully committed to giving our customers whatever they need to feel better ASAP and to optimize their health in the future. Dr. Casey Bearden keeps his staff on the edge of industry developments so that we have carved out a place as Nashville’s best chiropractic and complete care. We are just as focused on joint care as we are on chiropractic, making us the area leader for everything from sports injuries, wound care, and degenerative joint diseases. We can improve your quality of life and shorten the amount of time that it takes you to recover from an injury or to keep you healthier for longer without drastic measures like surgery.

If you are located in Bellevue, The Nations, or Forest Hills – in fact, all of Nashville’s suburbs and communities are included in our service area – then contact us for joint care and injury rehabilitation, as well as your general chiropractic services.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

How does this work?

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, also known as PRP, takes the patient’s own blood and injects it back into the injured area. The brilliance of the process is that this simple act “reminds” the body how to repair itself. When the blood is infused, the patient will experience an increased ability to repair soft tissues, muscle, and even bone.


A Revolutionary Treatment

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is considered revolutionary by many in the industry because it does something that no other treatment has been able to do in the past. It actually heals the body at the biological level.
Platelet-rich plasma therapy is considered revolutionary by many in the industry because it does something that no other treatment has been able to do in the past. It actually heals the body at the biological level.

About Prolotherapy

Triggering the Healing Process

Another option you have for non-surgical healing of joints, ligaments, and tendons is prolotherapy. In this therapy, we can recreate the body’s ability to heal itself, from repairing new or old injuries to relieving the pain of worn-out joints. The major difference between this therapy and PRP therapy is that a man-made substance is used to spark the healing process rather than the patient’s own platelet-infused blood.

What can Prolotherapy be used for?

Prolotherapy treats joints, ligaments and tendons for patients in Sylvan Park, Belle Meade, and beyond with joint injections. It is closely related to sclerotherapy, which treats vascular issues such as varicose veins, spider veins, and hemorrhoids. Both treatments work on the same principle of providing lost elasticity to the body naturally. Years ago, in their founding stages, they were actually categorized as the same treatment, but as research has progressed, the treatments have split into two, giving medical professionals like Dr. Bearden at Action Spine & Joint the ability to treat their specialized areas with the best possible medical techniques.

Which one is right for you?

As with any treatment, it is important to understand it and follow your doctor’s orders to the letter. For example, after a prolotherapy session, Dr. Bearden may recommend that you take a mild pain reliever like Tylenol to help you deal with the discomfort that sometimes comes with the expected inflammation, but pay special attention to his directions. Taking an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen or aspirin could counteract the treatment!

Remember that the inflammation is part of the healing process, so, as much as you’d like to get rid of that feeling, it is the exact thing that is making you better. For more information about why this works, contact Action Spine & Joint at your earliest convenience!
Considering Your Options

Considering Your Options

Before you receive either platelet-rich plasma or prolotherapy, Dr. Bearden and staff will thoroughly evaluate your case and current condition in order to make the best possible decision for you now and to promote the best possible outcome. You will also be a part of the decision-making process, so it’s important that you understand both fully. There are a few main differences between PRP therapy and prolotherapy.

The Differences in Healing Process

In prolotherapy, there is a period of discomfort as the inflammation does its job. The inflammation is part of the healing process. As you well know, inflammation can be anywhere from uncomfortable to downright painful. However, you have to be patient and work through the discomfort as best you can in order to receive the maximum healing benefits. For many of our patients, avoiding surgery is well worth the comparatively smaller amount of pain they have to endure with prolotherapy treatments!

The Differences in Cost

PRP is a more complex therapy and is, therefore, more expensive. Prolotherapy only involves simple synthetic materials, so the cost is lower and availability is higher. At present, we are seeing PRP used more for athletes and high-performance patients, while prolotherapy remains the more common treatment for regular people who just want the ability to move through their daily activities without pain.

Difference in Results

Typically the results of PRP are more dramatic than those of prolotherapy. As you may have guessed from the previous statement, PRP is a more advanced procedure and is, therefore, considered more effective. We have patients all over the Nashville area who are completely satisfied with the results they receive from prolotherapy, but those who want the biggest bang for their buck often go straight for PRP treatments as a first option.
Typically, both are out-of-pocket expenses since most insurances have yet to get on board with these progressive, non-invasive treatments, but we believe that with their affordability and optimal healing abilities, most insurance companies will see the light sooner rather than later.

PRP and Prolotherapy Treatment in Nashville and our surrounding communities is important for those who wish to heal their injuries! At Action Spine & Joint in Nashville TN, we’re confident that we can find the right fit for your needs. Whether it’s traditional chiropractic or one of these specialized services, we can help you get the relief you’ve been looking for and hopefully escape the looming possibility of an invasive surgery with a long recovery time.

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